It transforms the passenger compartment and the luggage carrier of the car from possible traps to safe places for our children, even beyond the child car seat.



Our “BoB wave” (Baby On Board wave) system is designed to protect children who recklessly, for fun, they enter the car by themselves and remain imprisoned.
The system works by comparing the audible sounds from the inside of the car with those audible to the outside of the same, so as to identify sounds (screams, wails, complaints or other) actually originated inside the passenger compartment and / or luggage rack, without these being confused with any noise coming from outside.
The noise detected by the external microphones, suitably attenuated and out-of-phase, is subtracted from the noise intensity detected by the microphones inside the car obtaining a value that, if it exceeds a pre-established limit for a given time, would indicate the presence of a child or another subject trapped inside. There is no doubt in fact that if a child in the cockpit starts crying, complaining or just trying to get out of the car, it would produce a certain degree of noise that would be immediately detected by the system.
Note: The BoB wave system  is designed for the protection of children but can also be used to detect the presence of any pets forgotten by mistake in the car, or in luggage compartment.
The “BoB wave” system can be set to activate after a certain time by the  simultaneous occurrence of certain conditions, such as:
engine off,
ignitions key removed,
all doors closed, after of course that at least one door has been opened to allow the driver and passengers to descend.
The opening of the door for the descent can occur indifferently before or after the engine has been switched off.
Subsequently, each time a door is opened, the system is deactivated and then reactivated when the same conditions are reverified and at the end of the pre-set time.
After being suspended, the system reactivates the new activation conditions.


Reminder function

When BoB wave identifies a noise originating from inside the car, It activates a series of visual and acoustics signals in order to inform any passengers still present in the car, that the system has detected noises inside the car and the next activation of the subsequent levels of signaling expected.
People on board of the car will be able to interrupt the activation process of the alarm system by means of a special reset button, after which they can remain in the car without the risk of the alarm system or the subsequent warning levels being activated in the absence of an effective need.
The BoB wave control system can be deactivated at any time, from inside or outside simply by opening one or more doors, or from the inside through the appropriate reset button and then, in both cases, it can be reactivate as above to re-verify the same conditions and at the end of the pre-established time.


Alert function

After the Reminder Function,  the system will intervene by activating the Alert Function. This is designed to signal the possible presence of the child on board by alerting the driver through repeated text messages, calls and pre-recorded voicemails to designated numbers.   


Alarm function

In the event that, despite the Alert function, the child should be still left by mistake in the car, at the end of a certain pre-set time, for example 5 minutes, the system will attract the attention of passers-by, through the car’s sound alarm.  
Moreover, if the car is equipped with it, the Ecall (Emergency Call) system which is mandatori from 2019 for newly built cars, or another equivalent emergency system, with which the rescuers will be called automatically with the car  GPS coordinates.